Doug Joseph

Destiny. Webster defines it as “the events that will necessarily happen in the future”.  If you had met Doug Joseph 25 years ago you would have thought winning a Collegiate National Championship was his destiny.  And while that and many other accolades did “happen” in Doug’s storied wrestling career, they were all part of a larger plan, a bigger picture, if you will.  Some might even say it was “Gods plan”.  Whatever you call it, one thing is clear, Doug was meant to coach children. 

Doug has many accomplishments on and off the mat.  But his innate ability to develop talent and more importantly, character, is undeniable.  That is what makes Doug a sought-after trainer and coach. His ability to reach each individual athlete in a meaningful way is what makes Doug exceptional.  He has an intuition that enables him to connect on a level that transcends winning.  While winning is important, it is secondary to Doug.  Make no mistake, Doug is extraordinary at teaching kids how to wrestle and how to win. But wins will come and they will go.  What will remain is the heart and the soul of each wrestler.  Doug believes that wrestling is a metaphor for life.  Eventually every wrestler will step away from the mat but they will always have their character.  That is what Doug Joseph is focused on.  The heart, soul and character of his wrestlers.  Anyone can teach your child how to wrestle.  But Doug wants them to be more than wrestlers.  He wants them to live in the world like a warrior and train like a champion on the mat.  So, come give Pride a try.  We are always looking for new members to join our wrestling community.    

  • 1993 High School National Champion 189lbs
  • 1991 Dual Freeestyle & Greco National Cadet Champion
  • International Experience on US World team
  • 1997 EIWA Runner-Up 190lbs
  • 2001 NCAA Division II National Champion – 197 lbs.

  • 2 Time NCAA Division II East Region Champion

  • 2 Time NCAA Division I National Championship Qualifier

  • 2 Time NCAA Division II National Championship Qualifier

  • 2017 Gannon University Athletic Hall of Fame Inductee

  • 2011 Bachelor’s Degree in Sports Management, with a concentration in Fitness, Wellness and Personal Training  

  • 2016 Master of Exercise Science and Health Promotion, Graduate Studies and Research; Performance Enhancement and Injury Prevention


  • Resident Supervisor/Wrestling Coach at Summit Academy     1997-1998
  • Gannon University Recreation Assistant Wrestling Coach     2000-2003
  • Volunteer Wrestling Coach-Kiski Area Wrestling    2003-2015
  • Founder, Director and Head Wrestling Coach Pride Wrestling     2004-2015